Sunday, September 27, 2009

Birthday weekend!

It was Ray's birthday this saturday (Mike's dad) and for his birthday he wanted to go to Dairy Queen which was super yummy. Michael, Danelle, Nancy, Ray, and I had fun because it's one of the few places that has a walk up window. After that we went to Star Trek. Nancy was the only one who hadn't seen it yet, but it was what Ray wanted to do on his birthday so we went. As we walked up to the window Michael noticed a sign that said they were doing a raffle for a Star Trek t-shirt. We thought it was cool but never expected to win anything of course. Lo and behold Nancy had the winning ticket (the one person who hadn't seen it). They also gave away Angel and Demons t-shirts but we just got the Star Trek one. It was fun, and I still love that movie.
In other news Mike has a job for three days. M-W he is working at a clinic of some kind entering in charts. We are hoping this will end up more permanent but we'll have to wait and see. Friday is my ultrasound where i find out what the baby is. My mom Susan is coming over to spend some time with us, and of course be there for the ultrasound which will be fun.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Doctor's appointment

I had my doctor's appointment today. It was two hours long. We heard the baby's heartbeat at 145 bpm and they did blood work since i haven't done any blood work since i have been pregnant. I have an ultrasound in two weeks and my mom will come to see it. It will be fun! Michael is still looking for a job and other than that nothing much has happened. Just working towards finding a job.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fun Stuff!!!

This has been a crazy last month or so. We have moved in with Michael's parents and are waiting to hear on a couple jobs Mike has applied for and hoping for the best. For the last three weeks Mike and I went back to Idaho to work the Western Idaho Fair which was hard but fun. We both worked ourselves out of our minds... but we are back again! We just got a new dresser set with a matching head board.

For happier news Gummi Bear and I offically have Washington State Insurance!!! I am just waiting for the paperwork to call a doctor (who will probably yell at me for not having gone in since my ten week, which I am now 15 weeks).

Other than that just working hard trying to find a job so we can get an apartment. Life is fun!!! :D