Sunday, November 23, 2008

School's Out!

This week was long with classes and work for Mike and Me trying to entertain myself. But we made it through! Twilight came out this week and it was good, for a movie but of course far off from the book. We enjoyed watching it though. We went and saw it yesterday with Scott and Jennie.

After the movie we went shopping! Christmas shopping already? I know, but since we were there and had time we went.

For dinner we went out to Chile's. Yummy! Good food and great company makes for a awesome night! And Mike got free food because he asked for potatoes and they gave him fries. So he got both. This is two out of two for going to dinner in Idaho Falls with the Ostermillers that Mike has gotten free food. Maybe we should go out with them more often! :)

This week of course is Thanksgiving. A time of gratitude. We will spend it in Boise Wednesday through Sunday. It should be a blast!

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