Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This last weekend Mike and I went to Boise for a wedding. It was an interesting set of circumstances but it was a fun weekend. We helped with the luncheon and then went over to my brothers to play for a while. In the evening I did projects with my mom. A set of Easter blocks and a glass block that says SPRING! Not that it is spring in Rexburg yet but I'll chalk it up to wishful hoping :D It has had the wierdest weather this last week. Sun and then snow, warm and then cold. Not excatly waht I am hoping for in March. Kaytlen (my little sister) decided she would rather come to the 'burg than go camping and she has been having fun doing homework and going to classes today. I will put up pictures later. :D

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  1. It was fun.... Don't forget about your CUTE little niece that you saw too. She loves seeing all of her aunts. Did you ever get those pictures from dad?