Thursday, February 4, 2010


This is a massive post so I will just do pictures.
Here is our new car! Its a 95 Saturn who's name is Brady (name came with the car :)) The only problems it had were a belt and alternator that needs replacing! It was a steal!

Sorry its not a very good picture. I didn't want to walk down the stairs to get a better picture.

Here is Macy and Bella playing while Brittany and I were making Oreo Truffles for Book Club.
What a messy little Girl! That's dried fruit that miss Macy threw all over the floor instead of eating it.

Here are our beautiful Oreo Truffles. Which if you want the recipe for go to
Here's Brittany dipping the truffles into the Chocolate!
This is a project I did today with Nancy (Mike's Mom). It turned out way cute!
Here's what it looks like on top... If you want the pattern go to

I will post again in a little while, but here's a little snipit of whats been going on!
PS I changed the background at the request of Miss Jennifer who said I have kept it on fall for too long!!! Happy Birthday to her a little belated!

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