Sunday, July 17, 2011

Notice anything new?

If you haven't glanced around my blog lately, look up a little bit from this posting and see if there is something new... YUP! Here's the big announcement! We are 8 weeks (and odd days) along! :) Connor will be a big brother! All I know right now is the due date is Feb. 23rd. My doctor's appointments are coming up soon, but I haven't had one. I just had the blood test done. Which is the same due date as Connor's! (Pure coincidence! I promise) Just so we're clear. :) (If you doubt go back on my blog to July 13th 2009 and it says on there.)
More news to come! (if you are wondering when we will know for boy or girl, it will probably be in Oct., since that is when we found out for Connor)


  1. CONGRATS! That is so exciting! I hope you are feeling well! I can't wait to read all the updates about your pregnancy!

  2. Woohoo!!! Congrats to you and your sweet family!! I bet Conner will be ecstatic to get a playmate! :)

  3. awww yay! I'm so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Courtney! Hooray! Congratulations...we're excited for you guys! :)