Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Randome Picture dump

Things have been crazy lately. Obviously we had our little baby girl. She was born February 25th about 2:30 in the afternoon. Relatively easy labor once they started me on pitosin. She was 8lbs 7oz about 20inches long (I think). She is beautiful and healthy and we love having her around. Connor loves being a big brother. 
We also have gotten a house. It's a cute little three bedroom, one bath. We got our loan through the USDA/ Rural Development. (if you want to know more email me.) The house payments are cheaper than an apartment and I don't have to work. (Which is fabulous)
Jobs have changed. Mike is now a Systems Analyst with Rebound. (which means a raise)! YAY!
We're still just settling in from so many changes. But we are loving life! 

Here's some randome pictures from the last few weeks... (months is probably more accurate)
 Three of the grandbabies...
 Sippy cup twins

 Under the piano at grammys house
 Great grandma miles and brand new baby Gwen
Great Grandpa Miles and Baby Gwen
 Playing with Papa

 Great Uncle Steve

 Great Grandpa Jones

                                                               Great Grandma Jones

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