Monday, November 9, 2009

Saturday's Excitment

So saturday morning mike and I had every intention of sleeping late and getting those much needed hours of rest that we had been lacking. Much to our dismay, at 7:15am we had a knock on the door. Mike actually heard the knock and shook me awake so i could go see what the person needed (being the manager and all). I opened, the door bleary eyed and still trying to wake my brain up, to find one of my tenants. He then proceeded to tell me that a car had just hit the side of one the buildings and the police were on the way to come make a report. So I hurried to get dressed while explaining to Mike why I wasn't coming back to my nice warm bed. I went down to the apartment building to see this....

Here is the inside damage...
Their bed was on this side of the room...

and pretty much saved their lives...

Here are the tire tracks in the mud
Here is where the car took out the concrete
My poor rental office sign that got taken out
This shows how far up the wall the damage went
This is the corner where the car hit

The car of course was no where to be seen. We had a witness who saw the whole thing and he said the car had been doing at least a hundred coming down a very short street, and hit the breaks just before the stop sign across the street from the apartment complex. His breaks did nothing except to skid him across the intersection where he hit the curb and flipped a 180 degree turn and smashed into the building backwards. He then promptly drove off down the street that was going the opposite direction.
And if that wasn't bad enough, i stood out in the cold for 45 minutes waiting for the police to come. Some how the address had gotten mixed up and the police had gone to the wrong apartments.
What a way to spend a saturday morning!

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  1. Holy smokes Courtney! Wow. Sounds like life is quite exciting lately! Hope you guys are doing great!!! :)