Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weekly Update

I had my doctor's appointment this week which was a nice break from the new job. It wasn't very fun however. I went early because now that I am 26 weeks they wanted to do the glucose testing. That in and of itself wasn't too horrible except getting the blood drawn. What was bad is the rogame shot that I got in addition to getting the swine flu shot. If you don't know what the rogame shot is, its for expectant mothers who are RH -, so people who have O- or A- or AB- blood and their husband is RH + . I have O- blood, so they gave me the shot. The worst thing about it is that they give you the shot in your bum... Talk about soreness. So two shots and 6 vials of blood later... But the doctors visit itself went well. He said the babies heartbeat is a little faster but that is quite possible from the large amounts of sugar they gave me for the glucose test. I measure at 27 inches which is right about where i should be. They say you should have one inch for every week.

Other than that this week has just been interesting.... It hasn't slowed down yet from exciting things happening. We has someone try to steal our extra car the other night, which of course was interesting. The guy was trying to start it when Mike heard him and ran downstairs to make sure he didnt get too far with it. The guy made up some story about trying to take his friend's truck to fix the starting problem. He seemed to be making up alot on the spot but Mike let him go anyway. Mike of course was paranoid the rest of the night and slept on the couch to make sure the guy didn't come back to try again. It was a long night for both of us.

Right now we are just trying to get through one day at a time. This is definitely a learning experience for both of us. But we are just doing the best that we can.

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