Monday, February 16, 2009


This weekend was fun! Mike and I went to Boise to see the Jones Zoo. Saturday Mike and Dad and Aaron spent most of the day putting in Mom's Valentines Day present (new windows for the living room). As entertainging as that was, that evening we spent time over at Aaron's house with Camille and Amy. The boys played Xbox and the girls put together a bookshelf with we then proceeded to destroy. What a stress reliever! I dont have pictures yet but as soon as i do i will post them! We got back on Monday so Mike could work. We both aren't looking forward to school tomorrow, but we will make the most of today. We did our Valentine's stuff on thursday, Mike gave me perfume and lotion and I gave him a book that he wanted. Nothing too exciting, but we enjoyed it. We also saw Dave and Tamara and Emma (really good friends of mine) which was really fun because Emma is getting so big. She has started walking which means running away.

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