Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Today was the day....WAIT WHAT DAY?

So it is offically hump day. For all those that don't know, it means that we are halfway through the week! YA BABY! So I'm sure that all of you following this blog want to know if today was better. It was. WAHOO!!! Nothing major happened. I made it through, without losing anything or breaking anything! and got my homework done! and no bruises! YES! I feel accomplished. So with a big thanks to a few people- desi, gracie, melissa, sam, and both of my moms.... I DID IT! WOOT! or for those at apartment 111... a woop a cha! (i dont know if that is how you really spell it but cha know what I mean!) Now I am sitting in my lovely sweats and will comence the rest of my day with chips and salsa, ice cream, and stardust!


  1. That is an interesting combination of food there!! Any thing you want to tell us? Or does everyone already know something we don't?

    Glad to hear your day went better ;O)

  2. No terri I am not pregnat. I will definetly tell you when it happens

  3. Ha,ha,ha! Thanks for the laughs!

    to be honest with you I could eat that combination also! Yum ;o)

    We love you guys too!