Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Since when doesn't bad things come in threes?

So life has been absolutley insane for the two days that have been this week. And yes its only tuesday!
First and foremost I have a nasty bruise from archery because i didnt wear my armguard. Solution? easy right? wear an armguard. Ya so about that.... I still managed to give myself a nasty red mark with the arm guard on mind you.... Nothing else notable really happend until I almost forgot about a group meeting I was supposed to be at. So I had like two mintues to get across campus to it. Why is this important? Because I was the group leader! fabulous!
Secondly as I am rushing to get to this meeting, I realize that I misplaced my flash drive... which of course had our powerpoint on it! Lucky for me I had emailed it to everyone so I had a copy in my email.... *sigh of relief*
All that was ok, I survived home again home again jiggety jigg.....
Wonders of wonders the next day was FABULOUS TOO!... I had to present in English and of course you have to look professional and all that good stuff. But i had a workout class so I was going to shower and get all doled up after. Mike started work at seven am and I just brought my bag of goody's with me so I could get ready. While working on homework, I realized that I was missing my notebook. This was not just any notebook, nooooooo. It had to be the one that had everything for all my classes in it. I had two choices to make- take the twenty minutes that I had right then or get it after my class. I opted for the latter. So I went to class and then went home to get my notebook and shower and all that fun stuff. Mind you I had excatly one hour to shower, blow dry my hair, do my makeup, get into my professional wardrobe and get my notebook and be in class ready to learn. I was so impressed with my self. I did it with in thirty, found a parking spot and had a chance to catch my breath.
So I went through the rest of my day.... Until English. I am having issues with that class (which I will not dicuss at the present moment because it would take up a lot of space). After my class I put my stuff in my backpack and lo and behold I was missing a text book. Dang it all! So I went to look at my classroom. No book. This was not good. We have a quiz on thursday and I need it badly! So I emailed my teacher and left it at that. (for all you sitting on the edge of your seat yes I found it. My teacher took it to the communications department and so I picked it up there YAY). Going on from there I went to the library to check out an extra credit book for the english class. But I run into a slight problem.... My Icard wasnt in my wallet (this is unfortuntely a frequent problem for me) I left it in the pants that I had changed out of! So I didnt get it.
All in all this has been a fabulous week.... but wait there is more!
Mike had to practice his trombone, so I went to my friends place in Mountain Pines. It was all great fun, and then Mike came to get me and we left. So those wonderful people that we all love that check the apartment parking lot had come by, and since we didnt have a sticker, THEY BOOTED US! Mike was only in the apartment 5 minutes or so and they had come by and booted us! So we called them and said PLEASE COME UNBOOT OUR CAR WE WANT TO GO HOME! So the guy came and asked mike how long he had been there. THANK THE LORD, the guy gave us it half off so instead of being 40 dollars it was only 20. YAY! Now I am at home thinking I should go to bed and tomorrow will be a great day. Before I do, I just want to do a gratitude list in hopes that it will make me feel better.... We'll see what tomorrow brings for that.... YIKES! BRING IT ON! I'VE HAD ABOUT ALL I CAN TAKE!

Grateful tuesday....
Good Friends that make me smile!
A husband who wishes he could make it all better
A car that runs! and that I dont have to push out of parking spots!
Food for my tummy! (grilled ham and cheese samich! YUM YUM)
A sister who puts up pictures of the cutest neice in the whole world!
(Isn't she cute?)
NCIS Flair!
Flair in General!
So I have run out of things I am thankful for... I will try again tomorrow.

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  1. Oh man that sounds killer! I feel stressed for you just reading it! I hope Wednesday is better--but Wednesdays are always my least favority day because you realize that you are only half way through the week. Good luck!